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1. RIJEKA - OSIJEK --26.5.1999.-- Rijeka could have won the Chapionship if Zoran Krecak didn't disalowed a regular goal from Hasancic in the last minute.

1. RIJEKA CROATIA---cup finals 1994. --- Every fan of Rijeka will forever remember this match and will never forget what happend here.

2. RIJEKA - CROATIA --season 98/99--0:2

3. CROATIA - RIJEKA --season 98/99--3:0

4. CROATIA - RIJEKA --season 98/99--0:1 -- Rijeka did won this match but with many luck because refere tryed to do anything to help the host.

5. Generaly in the last season against Rijeka in almost every game had to play against 14 players, on the other side Croatia was winning it's matches in the injury times or on penalties wich were awarded to Croatia every second match.

6. Since there is Croatian Leauge not one championship had finish regular and without any doubt.